Morning Weigh In

Good morning! It is not quite 6am and I am up before my alarm, noticing much more energy and readiness to start my day.

Right now I am tracking my DAILY weigh ins. I know for some this may be less motivations than seeing the scale at weekly weigh ins, however daily weigh ins help me see that I am on the right track with what I am eating right out the gate. I will transition to weekly weigh ins at some point in the near future.

Today’s weigh in: 189.6 lbs!

This is a 1.8 lbs loss from yesterday’s weigh in at 191.4 lbs!

I have almost reached my 20 lbs mark in this journey in less than a month! I am excited to see if I can reach 20lbs by my 1 month anniversary of going KETO!

Thank you to all who have been supportive in this and keep me motivated! You are the best cheerleaders!


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