The History Of A Keto-Cop

I am so excited to be able to have this opportunity to share my journey and experiences with you all, my readers and followers! Starting an online blog has been in the works in my head for such a long time and now I have the privilege to have you all by my side during my weight-loss journey, while I enter the world of KETO!

Why Keto and why now? I am 32 and I have given birth to 2 amazing children, as well as experienced the loss of a miscarriage just over 2 years ago. In 2011 right before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, Haley, I was 5’6 and weighed 135 lbs. I was in an verbally and physically abusive relationship/marriage throughout the pregnancy where I ultimately became high-risk and hospitalized for 3 days on the cusp of my third trimester, due to domestic abuse. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes and gained an excessive amount of weight up until delivery, along with some weight gain after Haley made her way into the world. Haley was about a year and a half old when my husband at the time left and I was at my heaviest weight, 180 lbs.

Life eventually got better and I became focused on getting my college degrees, while still learning how to be a single working mom in law enforcement. It was an insane juggling act! My now husband entered my life after my divorce from my ex husband, and everything seemed to fit into place. I had lost some weight when my husband, Thomas, and I started dating… weighing at around 165 lbs.

Thomas and I experienced a miscarriage early on in the pregnancy, not that it made it any easier. I fell into a depression, practically eating my feelings and closing myself off. I was still in school at the time working on my degrees, trying to function with the loss, my hormones, the changes in my body and mind. Time started to heal… life kept moving forward.

It was the night before one of my best friend’s wedding when I found out I was pregnant! I was so scared, for I didn’t want to suffer another loss like we did before. The amazing thing: I found out I was pregnant on what was to be the due date for our baby that we lost. Joy and Sadness filled my heart.

Throughout the pregnancy I ended up with gestational diabetes, again. This time it was more severe and I had to take medication each day to aid in leveling my sugar levels. I gained excessive weight yet again and maxed out at 208 lbs right before delivery!

135 to 208 in 6.5 years….

I never gained much weight after pregnancy… it only happened while pregnant. I tried weight loss pills, CrossFit, gyms, eating better, but nothing ever lasted…

My emotions took control and food ended up being my comfort in times of stress and depression. After my son was born, I held steady at 204…. even through breastfeeding the first few months. I was not able to breastfeed enough for Maddox following Hurricane Florence for a number of reasons and circumstances.

Depression hit hard for months following Hurricane Florence, tension in the home, tension at work, conflict within myself.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the person looking back at me. I avoided photos where my whole body was photographed, I made terrible comments about myself, etc. My breaking point was when I realized that I couldn’t physically keep up with my daughter and her activities… I broke down in the bathroom in an empty tub and just cried, thinking it will only get worse if I don’t try to do better!

I am suppose to be a role model and set an example. Haley and my teenage bonus-son, Atreyu, got to witness me walk across the stage and accept not 1, but 2 diplomas from the University in which I attended. My kids watched me leave the house in uniform to serve our community and come back home in one piece with a smile on my face (most days). What example am I setting by giving up on each diet attempt or attempt at physical exercise? Not a very good one.

Then, comments made by another coworker/ officer, fat-shaming me to others hurt very bad, yet I also managed to use that as motivation to jump start my journey.

KETO! 204 lbs was the start of what will be a lifestyle change and journey to better myself.

Here I am almost 3 weeks into the KETO diet and I am at 190 lbs. Total weight loss: 14 lbs in just under 3 weeks! No surgeries, no pills, no miracle weight loss scams. KETO and KETO only. I have not begun exercising… that will begin soon. My ultimate goal is to be back at 135, however realistically 145 appears to be more obtainable.

This is my history. I hope you find yourself able to share your journey along with me. Please do not hesitate to message or comment… I would love to hear from all of you. Sometimes we need a village, rather than go at it alone.

This is me at my heaviest 204 in early December of 2018.

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