3 Weeks in! Wow!

Today’s weigh in: 188.8

That is a loss of .8 lbs from yesterday’s weigh in!

I ate a little heavier than I usually do on the diet, I’m feeling as though it may be stress. My daughter is turning 6 tomorrow and we have been trying to get everything planned for her party and hide her gifts. My dinner was a little heavier than normal and I ate a little later in the evening, due to running around with the kids since my husband is under the weather.

There was still a loss in weight, so I am still on track!

A coworker of mine stated that he noticed a difference in my face, as if it had started to thin out. I don’t notice changes like this because I’m usually my own worst critic. So I decided to get a picture of myself from right before I started the keto diet and I took photos this morning before work just to see if there really was a noticeable change. Please don’t judge me, I haven’t put on my make up a.k.a. my Halloween mask. Haha.

I must say, there is a noticeable difference. In three weeks alone! This just goes to show that hard work really does pay off, I really have something to be proud of at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I still get massive cravings to eat ice cream and cupcakes as well as a multitude of other food that I typically would eat on a regular basis. I know the Temptations going to be real hard this weekend with my daughter’s birthday and her party. For those of you that are having massive craving still in that itch to eat sugary foods or carbs stuffed foods, you’ve got this! It really is A mindset that you have to change on your own and develop a new habit to replace whether it’s a lifelong habit or a recent habit of eating foods that are not good for you.

It is not easy! I don’t believe anyone could say that it is. If everything in life was easy, then nothing would be worth working for. When you work hard for something and you see results whether it is small or a drastic, that sense of accomplishment allows you to value all that you’ve done, in turn, making you want to work even harder for even more positive results and outcomes.

During times of defeat or setbacks, it’s only temporary. Pick yourself back up adjust your diet, adjust your exercise, adjust your routine if you need to. Get back on the saddle and keep moving forward. Stress is only going to pull you down further as well as disappointment. Be proud that you are doing something! Be proud that you are trying to better yourself and your health!

You’ve got this! We’ve got this!

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