A big shout-out to one of my best friends, Crystal! She started her weight loss journey in January and has been making huge stride in just 3 months! She is not doing the Keto Diet, however she is doing what works best for her! She has been an inspiration and I am so happy to be on this journey along with her.

She has lost over 35 pounds! This is so amazing! We both used the photo in uniform where we were pictured together, as that was when we were at our breaking point with our weight. Her diet and positive attitude has helped motivate others to eat healthier and better themselves. I can’t wait to post another progress photo of her in the near future! No matter what diet you are following… results are results…. healthy results. Awesome job Crystal! You are doing such an amazing job, making it look so easy.

I can’t believe this was us back in December. I know we hate seeing this, but you and I know how far we have come, making it easy to see results. Thank you for letting me share this!


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