What was suppose to be cauliflower mash, ended up being reheated mashed potatoes that was right beside the cauliflower mash in the fridge.

Smh. Well, my Keto hit a restart today as I believed I was eating cauliflower mash, haha. Guess I need to tell my husband to label the leftovers.

I had a gain of 1 pound but that’s ok. I expect to gain more soon as my cycle is approaching.

Being home under the weather, as well as preparing for my husband’s departure for the week has added stress and hunger. I’ve always ate my feelings and through boredom. I’m ready to be back at work, busy and able to better moderate my food and water intake.

We all will experience set backs. In the Keto community I have learned that the Keto clock starts over each time you throw yourself out of Ketosis whether intention or unintentional. Tomorrow will be a new day. Day 1 again. I know this was an accident, but a setback nonetheless.

Don’t get discouraged if you have expressed setbacks, you can always get right back at it!


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