Spring Break and My Energized Bunnies

Good morning! I hope everyone’s had an awesome weekend and you’re having great weather wherever you are. This week marks spring break for our kids! Are any of you parents out there we all know this is not a break for the parents! And someways I feel as though I’m extra busy in the mornings compared to school mornings. With that, this week I’ve had to replace my breakfast meals with shakes. It’s 10 times easier to make and I can take it on the go!

What are some of your favorite meal replacements and shakes that are keto friendly?

Today’s way in: 185.0 pounds! This may not be a huge fluctuation in weight loss, however since it is that time of the month, having any type of weight-loss is a great achievement! During most cycles for women, we tend to gain weight due to the retention of fluid as well as bloating, and all those other fun and exciting symptoms associated to female menstruation! Gross, I know…. Some more exciting news, it is almost time for me to get a new uniform shirts, as they are extremely baggy around my arms and my stomach area! I have also been able to move down to the fourth notch on my belt! When I first started the keto diet I was on the very last notch of my belt. And when I refer to my belt, I’m referring to my duty belt for my law enforcement uniform.

I want to say this as well to my readers and future readers, we all bring our own experiences to our own stories to the table when we open ourselves up for conversations, criticism, inspiration, etc. for those of you that have shared your story with me and your journey, I cannot tell you how amazing it is to hear how far you’ve come and how far you’re willing to go for a better and healthier you. I’m extremely grateful for the kind remarks from friends and those who have never met!

I know that when I publicly share my journey and post pictures, as well as include personal information about myself that it opens myself up to negativity from anybody. I don’t think that even the most hateful comments that any potential person could ever say on here, social media or even to my face would ever match up to the emotional warfare I placed upon myself before I started this journey. There were days I would throw clothes in the garbage and cry sitting in my bathtub, times where I would verbally put down myself in front of my husband calling myself ugly and fat and disgusting. I did not love myself for the longest time, and in part I’m still learning to love myself now. For many years before I gained most of this weight, I was in a physical and emotional/verbally abusive marriage with my ex-husband. A lot of those comments I thought I had let go of, however it appears as if I just placed them in a box and tucked it away deep inside. Later in life when I did gain a lot of this weight that box was re-opened; opened by myself. I would think and say such hateful things to myself about my appearance and how I didn’t deserve my current husband. He deserved someone who looked better, who took better care of themself, who loved themself better. My mind had a way of thinking that if I thought I wasn’t good enough, how could my amazing husband ever think I was enough?

He would tell me how beautiful I am almost daily, and I would dismiss it with a smirk or a laugh or tell him “yeah right.” At some point I figured he would just stop saying that, but he never did. He told me I was beautiful from the time I met him, through our miscarriage, through our pregnancy, and after we had Maddox. He has been helpful and supportive throughout everything, as well as my current journey in losing weight.

We all open ourselves up for criticism and negativity in some way, shape or form. It’s how we react and handle those comments or remarks that build our character and helps us become stronger. If you have experienced negativity from other people, or even yourself, please try to see that you are amazing and are doing extraordinary things! You are beautiful no matter your size, weight, or appearance! You can still be your own worst critic, but you also need to learn to be your own best cheerleader. These are words that I am still learning to put into affect in my own life currently.

Stay motivated! Stay determined! But most importantly, remain honest with yourself.


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