Holidays always seem to be where diets go to die, ha!

It really was a perfect storm: I was on my period, so the sweet cravings were at a hormonal high, my daughter had her first sleepover so you guessed it…. treats for the girls and ice cream.

Considering all that was occurring with being on my period, sugary sleepover treats and Easter festivities…. I like to think I restrained myself more than I would have any other time in my past. I felt so gross and tired after eating like crap…. it is amazing how good you start to feel when you eat right and you follow a plan. I’ll tell you this, that kind of binge was a one and done experience…. my body is still feeling the aftershock of all the sugar.

I expected to gain weight, mainly from the bloating and fluid retention from being in my period. My weigh in yesterday was 189.7…. I was being harsh on myself given how I strayed from my diet… but it doesn’t take long for my body to get back to work.

This morning my weigh in was 187.4! This could be from all the fluid and bloating starting to pack its bags and get the hell out of dodge for another month…. bleh. In other news, one of my beautiful best friends just hit her 45 pound weight loss milestone!!!!!! This is amazing! She may not be on the Keto-Diet, but what she is doing works best for her body in achieving her goals! She has been an awesome cheerleader and motivator for me and those around her. You can see a complete shift in her energy, confidence and of course, appearance.

I’ve had some of my friends, family and followers ask me about recipes and the types of meals I eat throughout my day and weeks. I will start posting recipes I enjoy, and even little meals I make myself. If you do not have an InstaPot… totally invest! Amazing way to make fast meals and meal prep dishes that would take all day in a normal crock pot or wait for a couple hours for your food to cook on the stovetop. I purchased mine at Kohl’s. I was shopping for shoes for my daughter and just like my nature, I ended up walking throughout the entire store and the InstaPot caught my eye. I bought a cookbook that is entirely made up of Keto InstaPot recipes.

What are some of your favorite recipes for meals and treats? Comment below and share your favorites. I love new ideas and if it is something the whole family can enjoy, it will save me time in making a separate dinner for them. Yes… that’s right, I have to make separate meals sometimes for the kids and my husband. It’s not that they refuse to eat I make, it kids can’t give up Mac N Cheese and Chicken Nuggets…. it basically a mandatory food source at least once a week for them, hah!

I introduced Avocados to Atreyu, and that was a success… not so much for Haley… and my Husband, well he is a texture snob, haha! He says he has an involuntary gag reflex when he sees food he hates (avocado, mayo, white sauce, etc). With this being said, dinners can get very entertaining with him around while I eat my avocados and Haley dips her fries in mayo.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and gave thanks to God for his Son’s Sacrifice… as we remember on Easter He had Risen. If you share a different belief, give thanks to the high power that keeps you alive and well… that has given you so many precious gifts and opportunities in this life. We only have this one life, no do-overs… let make the best of it!

Enjoy your Tuesday!

Pictured below: My Littles, My Updated Face Shot, and Haley’s Sleepover Expression


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