Welcoming A New Friend To The Keto World!

Good afternoon friends! I received the best text message today from one of my close friends, with whom I have not gotten to see or speak to much since we had our babies. She advised me that she is about to start her journey on the Ketogenic Diet, which is such an amazing thing to hear and now, be a part of! My heart is so full right now! When I started this diet, I was alone and not sure where to even begin. Now, I get to do this along side with friends, family members and my fellow followers/community… so awesome!

I hope to be able to tell her story, as she is truly one of the bravest women I know and has overcome great odds… I know this journey will be something she can hold true to, as well as meet every goal she sets for herself. Her current goal is to lose 60 pounds. I know for a FACT, she will be able to meet her ultimate weight loss goal and I am certain she will find plethora of perks associated with this diet such as, less anxiety, better sleep, overall more energy, increased mood (positive), more self-confidence, and the list go onnnnnn.

Any tips from you all for how to help her start her journey? I also love to read suggestions from others, as it may also help guide me in ways I was not aware of. We should always help motivate each other and build each other up…. never is it a competition between one another. Do not ever let it become a competition, as this is all for your own benefit and health…. everyone is a winner, everyone! Even just THINKING about getting healthier and wanting to live a healthier lifestyle is a WIN by itself! That shows me that your mind and heart are in the right place as it relates to finding/searching for ways to make a positive and lasting impact on your life and health. I am so proud of each and every one of you that I talk to, come into contact with, or read about from a distance. If we can be that positive impact or light in someones life to help them, push them (positively), motivate them, pick them up…. then we are truly are making this world better… our community better. This doesnt just apply to diet/nutrition/exercise…. but in general. Be that positive impact. Be the change.

I love you all. What an awesome day! Congrats Alex, I can’t wait to talk to you soon!!!!


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