Wedding Adventure

Happy Wedding Day to the Winsteads!!!!

What a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. I was even able to eat Keto Friendly with some steak and queso 🙂

My husband took a photo of me and my daughter and I could finally see a decent change in my appearance. I’ve been on my keto journey just over a month and a half and 20 lbs down. Below is my NOW AND THEN comparison. I can’t wait to see what changes occur at the 3 month mark!

I want to give a shout out to Adrienne for taking that first step to living that Keto Life!!!

Another shout out to Crystal Chapman for successfully sizing down to a 6!

Katie Augino is killing it! Awesome job! The results absolutely noticeable!

Jeanette Gratz and Traci Miodusewski thank you for those killer recipe suggestions!

Becca Duffer, 4 lbs down in 4 days! That is outstanding! Keep it up!!!

There are so many people to give praise to! Wow. What an amazing day…. it really feels good to feel good. I hope you all have a wonderful rest for your night!

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