Back On Track!

My weight increased slightly over the weekend and I was dumbfounded as to why! I knew I felt bloated and sorry… but constipated… but I didn’t think I would fluctuate that much. My ‘lady time’ each month has been arriving at unscheduled times since my diet change, yet I’ve been able to see first hand what Women go through with weight fluctuation during those times!

I am happy to report I am down to 183.0 as of this morning! Yay! I still feel as though I am at a stall, but I very well could just be retaining more fluid currently.

I have had such an outpour of love recently from the keto community and those in my life personally as it related to my weight loss. I’m happy to report I am down 20 pounds since I started just over a month and a half ago! I can’t wait to see how I feel once I shed another 20! It is remarkable to see and feel the difference when I look back at old photos or remember where I emotionally was then.

Those of you who are struggling or stalling … or do not know where to start …. you are right where I was. I hope that my story and my experiences can bring you hope as well as motivation to continue to pursue your weight loss journey no matter what! I’m in it with you 100%

I think becoming more self aware and trying to be more positive has helped me deflect negativity and conflict recently. I feel more calm, collected and clear minded. I do not feel so quick to anger or fold into tears as I once did. Maybe this diet and lifestyle will help me in removing myself from taking antidepressants. I placed myself on them through the direction of my doctor when I had my miscarriage before I was was pregnant with Maddox.

That pain will always feel like a brick I’m carrying around in my pocket, but over time I have, and will, continue to get stronger and carry weight with a lightness I didn’t think could be possible. I’ll always know it is there, but I can keep moving forward with it a part of me, not breaking me.

Stress can have a huge baring on weight loss stalls and overall health. I know I am not discussing much about Keto, but we have to focus on all of the pieces to this puzzle. You can never fully get to the end result with pieces missing or not in the right place. We need to get ourselves in the right place so everything falls into place.

My crutch is my anxiety and stress. I try to much to control the world around me and take control of my home… this can be anything from handling bills, making appointments, harping on school assignments, searching all devices to make sure our children are safe, make endless to do lists, “nag” my husband, etc… I’m also trying to protect everyone and that alone is stressful and can be emotional.

Learning to let go and let God take control is easier said than done. It’s like looking at that delicious ice-cream cone glistening in the summer sun, when you are sugar deprived … wanting that ice-cream so bad but you know you need to just let it go…. that you will survive!

Just like the Keto Diet, you will survive! Those cravings will pass. If you have ever been pregnant, you know!!!! Hell, I had gestational diabetes and was told I couldn’t have sugar or carbs! Telling that to me… a pregnant, hormonal and HANGRY woman… helped develop some self control in the process.

I don’t want to see anyone give up because the scale isn’t showing what you want it to, or you’ve gained, or stalled, or just plain hungry and want that damn slice of pizza. It gets easier. It takes what, 28 days to form a habit if done on a steady and regular basis? Give it a month, then look at your cravings… what tastes better now? I’ll tell you this, I took a day to really “cheat” just to try foods I’ve eliminated for a month. Bread tasted dry and flavorless, Mountain Dew was like drinking syrup that burned my throat, and I couldn’t even get in the mood to eat sushi and noodles.

It works, it’s a habit, a mindset and the beginning of a lifestyle to better yourself inside and out!

You’ve got this!


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