Mother’s Day

First, I want to say I hope all of you Mommies out there had an amazing Mother’s Day yesterday! I was very fortunate to be able to spend Mother’s Day with my husband, children, parents and grandmother.  It was not an eventful day, which in my busy and hectic life, is just what the Doctor ordered. A day to just exist and not have to worry about an endless To-Do list that will never get finished.  My children and husband were super kind to me and I received some very sweet gifts from them. My step-son and my daughter picked out a dress together from Express. I was a little nervous because Express had been one of my favorite stores in the past, and sadly, it was no longer a favorite because I sized out of their brand when I gained all of my weight.  Alone in my room, I decided to take a deep breath and attempt to see if this beautiful summer dress would zip-up even halfway up my back. I stepped inside and was able to pull the dress over my hips and thighs…. this was the first sign of relief. Next, I placed the straps over my shoulders and the thin straps did not feel like rubber bands around my armpits. Whew, that was even more of a relief. Now, for what was probably the most stressful part of this entire attire change, zipping up the back of the dress. I pulled up on the zipper and I had made it to the halfway point where the zipper stopped at a bulge in the fabric, were the seam was thicker, as it was what stitched underneath the breast portion of the dress. Anxiety began to fill in the pit of my stomach, as this was a fast approaching issue I have experienced so many times in my past, not being able to fit into clothing I loved. I tugged at the zipper just a bit, to get it past that fabric… the zipper began to hold and migrate further up, until it could go no further.  I could feel the tears warm my eyes, as droplets fell onto my dress that covered my chest. These tear-stained drops were not from sadness, nor were they from any of my past/failed tear-stained attempts to fit into clothing I loved. These droplets were entirely welcomed and came from sheer happiness.  My children were able to pick out a gift they knew I would truly love, yet I managed to give myself the gift of being able to wear this gift, thanks to KETO. After I pulled myself together, I changed back into my jeans and t-shirt, wiped my eyes, pulled my hair back into my mommy-ponytail and joined everyone back in the livingroom. I do not think that they knew how happy a simple dress made me…. how a simple dress had changed me.

The rest of Mother’s Day was filled with watching my daughter read all by herself to her baby brother, Maddox, as well as deliver flowers to my mother and grandmother. I was thankful that I was able to have my mom join all of us for a late lunch, as we do not get many opportunities to go out as a group.  My husband, Thomas, was able to clean downstairs for me as a surprise, which if you knew our kids and our house… this was almost an impossible task! I received my first pandora charm bracelet which included 3 charms that had the birth stones for Atreyu, Haley and Maddox, as well as, a charm that said “MOM”. This is something I wish I could wear on a regular basis, but with my career in law enforcement, I am limited in what jewelry I am able to wear.  It was a very nice day …. and it was one of the most stress-free days I have had in quite some time.

I read a post where this wonderful woman was very upset that she had “cheated” on her Keto-Diet on Mother’s Day.  I had to respond, I just had to. NEVER should you ever feel guilty about anything you do as it relates to your diet or what you eat. NEVER should a Diet control you in that way. Changing your diet and your lifestyle is always a work in progress and is always going to flucuate. Here is what I told them – “Do not feel guilty or feel upset with yourself, I ate well outside my macros as well. I was able to laugh and smile and just be happy with my family eating lunch at a place my 6 year old knew I loved, though she was not aware of what my food restrictions were. Instead of stressing out over what I can and cannot eat, or telling my daughter that mommy can’t eat there…. I hugged her and said that was the perfect place! YES, I ate french fries…. YES…. I ate a burger (no bun) that was not grassfed.  Also, YES, I ate some of a banana while breaking it apart for my 11 month old who is learning new foods! Oh, and yes… those cookies were delicious, even though all that sugar burned my throat! YES, I chose Memories over Macros. Memories…. Memories because tomorrow I can eat my eggs for breakfast, my avocado for lunch and try to figure out what my kids will even attempt to eat that is keto-modified… Tomorrow I will be eating actively like I have been. Today does not change my overall progress I have worked hard for. Today is about YOU and your family. Make those memories. Tomorrow make those Macros.”

Leanne Vogel wrote in her book, The Keto Diet, these 5 important things that I will give my own personal testimony to, but here they are in her words:

  1. Ditch The Math – “Measuring and weighing your food is a complete waste of time. Your body knows when it’s had enough. Trust your body.”
  2. Trust Yourself – “After you’ve been eating keto for a while, ditch the “rules” and make up your own. After becoming fat-adapted, you’ll know what being in ketosis feels like.”
  3. Incorporate Positive Movement – “Think about what type of movement brings you joy and do more of that.”
  4. Start Practicing Self-Care – “Now I can see that when I take time for myself, I reap the rewards in self-respect, self-knowledge, and self-confidence.”
  5. Define Your Purpose

To all of you Mommies out there, remember you are worthy, so remember your worth. I hope you had an amazing day, regardless of any food you feel you should have eaten or shouldnt have eaten… FOOD DOES NOT DEFINE YOU!



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