2 Month Keto Action Report

2 Month Keto Update

SW: 202 lbs

CW: 179 lbs

Pants: Started at a size 16. NOW – 12

Shirts: Started at XXL/XL. NOW – M/L

Dress: Started at 16/18. NOW – 10

Work: Started size 40 pants and 40 shirt. NOW- Size 36 Pants and 38 shirt!


*My wedding ring fits very loose

*I have energy to walk and exercise

*Walking and exercise does not cause extreme pain in my right foot as much

*I have so much more Mental Clarity

*Gaining self-confidence

*I feel as if my outlook is much more positive

*Less Bloating and Fatigue

*So much more focus and calm

*Starting to see a glimpse of my old figure coming back

*I have a huge support group and have friends, family and coworkers who have joined me in the last month eating Keto! It is so motivating seeing their results!

*I have a better self-acceptance and I am learning to love myself all over again

*Less depressed – rare now

*Less anxiety

*Less illness and sickness

*More energy

*I feel an overall lightness… that’s really all I know how to explain it!

I didn’t lose as much weight as I did the first month… that’s ok! I am NOT disappointed! I have done so much in only 2 months!!! I couldn’t even lose 5 pounds over the last 10 months prior to starting… I just kept gaining!

Every pound is an achievement, but it’s not just about weight anymore…. I feel better… happier… healthier.

Yay! HAPPY 2 Months to Me!

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