Well, the day finally came where I was up to bat for my Endocrinologist appointment. After waiting MONTHS for my initial appointment, it was finally here. My Doctor was very nice and personable. I expressed to her what syptoms, issues and concerns I had with my overall health. I also advised her that I had started the Ketogenic Diet around the same time I made the appointment to see her. She had nothing negative to say about my choice of diet, as I expressed to her that I was attempting to also burn the candle at both ends by turning my nutrition around pending the appointment with her. I really loved how receptive she was.

We agreed that I should get labwork done, to see what, if anything, would be shown or pinpointed. Is there something going on with my thyroid? Is it my estrogen levels? My stress hormone? Is it my birth control messing with my hormones? Do I have a vitamin D deficiency? Too much vitamin A? Am I going through early menapause? The questions are endless…. but there is no sense in stressing and causing anxiety over something I have no control over at the moment.

The next day I took a type of steroid the night before my labs. I also had to fast, which was ok… as I am used to random and intermittent fasting.

The morning of the lab came! I should be used to being stuck with needles by now, as I had to submit blood samples when I was high-risk with my pregnancy, post-miscarriage, etc. AND let me clear the air on this…. getting TATTOOS are totally DIFFERENT than having a huge needle get stuck in your vein! NOT FUN… bloodwork that is…. TATTOOS…. those are welcomed. ha!

When I completed my labs, they advised me that it would likely take about a week or two for the results to come in and the Doctor would call me/ make contact at that time. So, here I am…. waiting… waiting… and waiting some more…. I hope that there is nothing concerning or wrong with me…. but I also hope that there is, so it would explain all this weight. I am 32. before I had my daughter over 6 years ago, I weighed 135 lbs. pre-baby. After the birth of my son, 1, I was up to 204 lbs. I had gestational diabetes with BOTH pregnancies. I miscarried before I was preganant with my baby boy, however I was only about 7-8 weeks pregnant when that occurred… I was not far enough along to know if I would have gotten gestational diabetes with that pregnancy.

I am always praying for the best… but I also need to plan for the worst.

I am thankful for such a nice and receptive Doctor. I look forward to hearing from her in the near future.


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