Aunt Flo-Yo

Ladies…. you know where I’m going with this. The unwelcome guest who makes their rounds each month for an undetermined amount to time. Yes, it is the one and only Aunt Flo. Dun Dun Dunnnn.

I’ve noticed since I have started losing weight on the Ketogenic Diet that my periods have changed… quite a bit. Before, I would have periods that lasted up to 2 week, super heavy, or even sporadic. This was even while on Birth Control, which was suppose to regulate me as well as lighten my flow. I haven’t suffered from cramps since before my first child, so I count my blessings where there may be. Lets flash forward to how Aunt Flo is effecting my personal space. My periods have become more regular and are much lighter, for once. Even the duration of her visit has shortened… so much so, I am skeptic.

Other changes include, less bloating, less weight gain, less moodiness and irrationality, better bounce back, no acne outbreaks, less energy lost and less sugar cravings.

Some of these changes are huge for me. Every month I would always cave and eat a couple cookies… Chips Ahoy Candy Blast to be exact. Yeahhhh…. I don’t know why I even crave them… I never really ate them before I gave birth to Maddox. I am not even a big cookie person… or sweets. I was always the one that would bake sweets, never to eat them.

Typically, I have gained weight during my menstrual period, only to lose it once the bloating and cycle has ended. This month, I’ve gained 0… but also lost 0. This is a positive change for me in the sense that, in theory, I have been losing and retaining to break even…. or I have not been losing, but have also not been retaining that fluid and bloated weight. Either way… however you look at it, it is a positive change.

Ladies, how has your Aunt Flo visits changed, if any? Positive and/or Negative.

Stay strong. Stay Classy.

You are beautiful.


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