Keto During A Hurricane

As Hurricane Dorian approaches… the idea of staying true to keto is challenging. Working in law enforcement will almost guarantee my presence throughout this natural disaster, likely to be Manning a local shelter. Everyone is quick to buy up bread and milk…. except for those who are keto…. right?

What is in my food gobag?

Spam. Cheese Crisps. Seaweed. Beef Sticks. Ketogenic Collagen Protein Powder. Water. Cloud Bread. Almonds. Macadamia Nuts.

Here’s the thing. Diet is important. Will I starve myself if no food other than a jelly sandwich is available… NO! Gimme that sandwich!

For those preparing for this Hurricane, please be vigilant, know when to evacuate. Homes can be replaced, lost lives cannot.

Prayers for the Bahamas as they are still being hammered by Hurricane Dorian.


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